Lead Lab Designer and Teaching Assistant

Robotics for Software Engineers , University of Virginia, 2020

As the lead lab designer for this new class, I was given numerous responsibilities. I was tasked with developing the simulators the students would use throughout the labs. I was also tasked with designing each of the individual labs and given the responsibility of testing the final project.


We started the labs using a slightly modified version of an existing simulator that had realistic graphics and physics simulations. Below is an example of one of the first labs had the students write software to control a simulated drone with their keyboards.

Advanced simulator

As the lab progressed, we switched to a heavily modified simulator to allow students with lower-end machines to continue to work on the labs. Below is an example of the custom simulator I build, which allowed students working on lower-end machines to continue with the labs.

Basic simulator

Lab Design

I was tasked with designing each of the following labs for this course. More information on the course can be found on the course website:


I was also heavily involved with the design and construction of the final project. The final project had students develop code for a simulated drone that could rescue a lost hiker.